Cant get the stuff no more. Payday. Nobodys business. Crow blues. 

Waiting for a train. Speed of sound. Sitting on top of the world. 

Midnight hour. Let the mermaids flirt with me. Deliah. Big boss man. 

​Key to the highway. Rolling in my sweet baby arms.

Blues before Sunrise.

​Got these blues. Everyday of the week Betty & Dupree.Trouble in mind. Rambling. Anywhere you go. Saint James Infirmary. Desert blues.

New age woman. Love in vain. City of New Orleans. Ket to the highway. Let the mermaids flirt with me. Waiting for a train.

Blues before Sunrise.Crow blues. Cant get the stuff no more. Rolling.    

Got these blues. Saint James infirmary. Every day of the week. 

Betty & Dupree. Death letter. Key to the highway. See see rider. Desert blues.  Waiting for a train. Trouble in mind.Rambling. Anywhere you go.  

Diamond Dac / with Delaney & Taylor

Diamond Dac / Solo 

​​Diamond Dac / Solo 

Lonesome Road

Old Roots

Got These Blues

NEW C.D. Album  Released 2017        Every Day

New C.D. Album  Released 2018     You Don't Know

Diamond Dac & Gucci Grimes / Duo 

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Step it up and go. Let the mermaids flirt with me. Key to the highway.

Cant get the stuff no more. Frankie & Albert. Come on over to my house. Nobodys dirty business. Payday. ​Saint James Infirmary. Wagon wheel. Momma don't allow. Casey Jones. Blues before Sunrise.

Rolling in my sweet baby arms..

Live at the Hepworth